The Gathering

The Gathering is a local church in Caronport, Saskatchewan. As a church, we want to explore what it means to be responsive to the Lord: looking to him and listening to his Word, so as to live out that Word in our corporate and individual life in our immediate context.


The body of The Gathering is made up of a number of house churches, who come together on Sundays to worship God and to look, listen and live together. From humble beginnings, the church has grown to a weekly gathering of approximately 3oo people in the little college town of Caronport.

“The Gathering was founded as a house church. Right from the outset, the study of Scripture, prayer, fellowship and the breaking of bread was central to church practice. As the original members looked to the Lord and listened for his direction, they had a strong sense that their gathering was something that Jesus wanted to use in building His church in Caronport. So there was a move at a certain point to open up and to invite people in. Soon after we all started meeting at The Landing [in Caronport] for what we now call “Sunday Gathering.” (Sean Davidson, former Associate Pastor)